Fascinated by Airbus A380. Roam inside one!

Seems like Google wants to bring more wonderful and fascinating places for us to see. After bringing the ever high Mount Fuji, Burj Khalifa & Eiffel Tower to Rome’s Colosseum, Wiltshire’s Stonehenge or USA’s own Kennedy space center, and the most recent, set of Diagon Alley of Harry Potter series, Google street view gives us the chance to roam around Emirate’s Airbus A380 from our computers, without spending any money.


Emirates partnered with google for a special occasion to show that travelling in the airbus could be majestic, and in this process became the first aircraft ever to be on the google street view. The Dubai based airline completed five years of it’s Airbus A380 operations. Tim Clark, President, Emirates Airline, in a press statement stated, “Five swift years have gone by since Emirates changed the face of air travel with this remarkable aircraft, Its popularity is now firmly rooted across our six continent network.” Emirates has a fleet of more than 30 Airbuses flying to 21 destinations. With a wingspan of enormous 80 meters, this airplane is the biggest passenger jet in the sky, and is filled with luxuries money could buy.

The viewers can roam around the empty aircraft, see it’s fully stacked Business Class bar.


Nose around the ultra luxurious restroom and showers of the business class.


Thanks to the street view, we could also get to the lower deck and swim in the sea of the economy seats.


And even get a peek of the cockpit like never before!


Ready to go for a test view of Airbus A380 before you actually get on one and travel?  Just view from the map displayed below, Click on the button B on the left side to jump up to the business class, and E to jump down to the economy class.

Can’t get enough of google street view? Here are the top 5 places to visit on google from your pc without moving a muscle and spending the butt load of money.

1. Great Barrier Reef, Australia.



2. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA



3. Mayan Ruins, Mexico



4. Cape Town



5. South Pole Telescope, Antarctica



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