Android on your wrist! But do we really need it? Read on to find out.

Sony along with the mighty phablet Xperia Z Ultra, also unveiled what should be called the future of watches “The Smartwatch 2”. It’s predecessor the Smartwatch 1, which was for a whopping $79.99 or around 6500 Rs. was not a huge seller, but Sony thinks otherwise. Now not many people will be willing to pay their hard-earned money for this watch but this sure is what could be the future of watches.


This smartwatch has a 1.6-inch LCD touchscreen display with a resolution of 220*176p(not that it matters!). This smartwatch can connect with any android phone with OS 4.0 or higher and has Bluetooth 3.0. This smartwatch promises to give you the whole android experience on your wrist. The users can read their incoming emails, facebook notifications, twitter feeds, control presentations along with the basic and yet the most important – handle text messages and missed calls alerts. With NFC, this watch can be connected with most of the flagship cell phones. As for the battery life Sony claims that with an average use, the smart watch can stay alive for 3 or 4 days. The smartwatch also is dust-resistant and water-resistant like the Xperia line up.

Android remote for your wrist!

Android remote for your wrist!

“Sony is the proud leader in the smartwatch market since introducing our first Bluetooth watch in 2007,” said Stefan K Persson, Head of Companion Products at Sony Mobile.

This may not be the best selling product and won’t be seen on many wrists, but it surely will win the hearts of the technology enthusiasts. And yes it could also show time!

It can show time too!!

It can show time too!!


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