You call that a phone Sony??!!

Look, It’s a phone! No It’s a tablet! Hold your breath, it’s a phablet!

Sony today announced its much rumored and almost leaked flagship device, the Xperia Z Ultra. Now, what screen size is large enough for phone? This question has been debated thousand times and no one has been able to quite get the perfect answer.


Would we now see “Clash of Phablets” ?

Sony which has been creating the most beautiful looking devices came today with a bang unveiling the Xperia Z Ultra. Ultra has a HUGE 6.4-inch, full HD-display. This screen is the first one with Sony’s new “Triluminos Display” which claims to be better then Apple’s retina display and other Super AMOLEDs.

Sony's new 'Ultra Luminos Display'

Sony’s new ‘Ultra Luminos Display’

Sony boasts that this is world’s slimmest(6.5mm, and we thought iPhone 5 was ridiculously light and slim) fastest smartphone(and we were thinking that HTC One was the fastest) with the world’s largest Full HD display. That’s a huge claim you’ve made Sony. Moving on, this beauty has the same design plane, flat design like the Xperia Z. Under the hood, the ultra has a the most powerful mobile processor, a 2.44 GHz quad core snapdragon 800, with 2GB of ram. The Ultra comes with all the connectivity features yet known like Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, 3G, LTE & NFC.  As for the snappers, unlike the Xperia Z’s 13 megapixel camera, the ultra has a 8 megapixel camera on the back and a 2 megapixel camera on the front, both being able to take full HD videos. Sony has provided us a 3000 mAh battery which I think isn’t enough to provide this  powerful device enough charge. Not to mention it runs on the latest android 4.2.2(Jelly Bean). Like it’s younger brother Z, Z ultra also is dust-resistant and water-resistant.

Like the Xperia Z, Xperia Z ultra is water resistant.

Like the Xperia Z, Xperia Z ultra is water resistant.

Another amazing feature of this phone is that it uses the built-in handwriting recognition tool. So the user can create a masterpiece by using pencils or metal point pens.

Create your master piece everyday!

Create your master piece everyday!

After all said and done, this phone will be of cource compared to the recently released Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3. But rest assured Sony, because the Ultra is miles ahead of the Mega. And maybe it could also crush Samsung Galaxy Note 3, coming later this year.

Xperia Z ultra with Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

Xperia Z ultra with Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

Like all the xperia phones, the Z Ultra is all beauty outside and powerful beast inside. The Sony Xperia Z is to be officially sold from the 3rd quarter. No pricing detail was revealed. But if you’re in love with this phablet, maybe you have to sell one of you’re kidneys! 🙂





6 responses to “You call that a phone Sony??!!”

  1. Jayesh says :


    Nice to look at and top of the line specifications… sadly, will share the same fate as all other nice-looking, spec-heavy Sony mobiles.

  2. Ashwini says :

    Never used a Sony phone.. but this one surely grabbed my attention with the specifications you have mentioned, ‘Dust and water resistant’.. As have already damaged my iPhone in the rains last year 😉

    • jineshtechie says :

      But this isn’t a phone! With most tablet pc’s being around 7-inches, the Z Ultra is a slightly smaller tab which has a voice calling capabilities!

      • Loliepop says :

        so what? it still has telephony functions.. man, I don’t know why people like you keep on classing this stuff not a phone only because the size of it..

      • jineshtechie says :

        a cell phone should be pocket friendly and the user should be able to type single handedly. The Ultra Z is a great product for sure, but it ain’t a cell phone.

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