Iron Man to HTC’s Rescue!

avengers-robert-downey-jr android-HTC-logo

Rumor is that HTC the Taiwanese handset vendor has signed Robert Downey Jr. to promote their brand and it’s products. This deal reported by bloomberg is of a mediocre $12 million dollar for the next two years. We should not be surprised by this deal as once one of the top cell phone manufacturers has now dropped to it’s knees due to competitions given by likes of Samsung, Apple and Nokia. HTC has been reported dropping to ninth place in global smartphone shipments in the first quarter. The reason we don’t see many HTCs in people’s hands is their quite reckless marketing strategies. “Our marketing hasn’t been good enough,” HTC Chief Executive Officer Peter Chou told shareholders at the company’s annual general meeting, pointing out that competitors outspend the Taiwanese company on promotion. “If you don’t invest in marketing, you can’t get a good result” seems about right Mr. Chou. HTC’s marketing budget which was about $1 billion was literally crushed by Samsung’s  budget of $10 billion to promote their cellphones and range of LCD’s and LED’s. Robert Downey Junior who played ‘Iron Man’ in marvel’s superhero franchise and Sherlock Holmes could infact manage to save HTC’s sinking ship. In the past celebrities have always come to rescue  to cellphone manufacturers. Be it English footballer David Beckham for Samsung , Pamela Anderson for Nokia, singer and song-writer Alicia keys for blackberry or even indian actress Katrina Kaif for Sony Xperia. If this rumor is true and Downey does promote HTC, then this celebrity game would reach a whole new level.

David Beckham with Samsung Galaxy Note

David Beckham with Samsung Galaxy Note

Alicia Keys at Blackberry Event

Alicia Keys at Blackberry Event

Katrina Kaif at Sony Xperia Z launch

Katrina Kaif at Sony Xperia Z launch


4 responses to “Iron Man to HTC’s Rescue!”

  1. siddharth udani says :

    good 1

  2. Jayesh says :

    With the departure of top executives, HTC did need a ‘solid’ shoulder to rely on.

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