Samsung Premiere Event Roundup!!

Samsung Premiere

So Samsung had a new event yesterday named “Premier” where they introduced some pretty cool devices including a camera, some tabs, an all in one PC, and a hybrid of tablet and laptop(which I call a laplet or tabtop, laplet sounds better!!). So lets get moving.

After not so good response of the galaxy camera, Samsung unveiled another camera which supposedly takes it to another level. Enter “Galaxy NX”, a android camera. It’s got some good stuff if you’re into photography. A 20.3MP camera with APS-C sensor on board, interchangeable lenses and running on Android 4.2.2(jelly bean). It sports a rather huge 4.8 HD LCD display on rear, and is powered by 1.6 Ghz quad core processor. For connectivity it comes with 3G/4G LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. It comes with whopping 30 smart modes to get the perfect snap. Samsung has made some huge changes to galaxy camera, and this should be a perfect camera for those who wants the best picture as well as staying connected all the time. This is hands down the best android camera. Be it the Nikon Coolpix S800C or the previous galaxy camera, nothing is closed to this bad boy.


Next up, two new ultrabooks. Samsung announced the ATIV Book 9 plus, and ATIV book 9 LITE. Both of them have the same 13-inch display (which is pretty good for ultrabooks). Ativ book 9 plus has the new haswell intel core i5 chip, whereas Ativ book 9 lite has an AMD A6 quad-core processor. Both of them have 4GB ram on board as well as solid-state drives. They both are pretty good and have the specs which could declare the winner. The crucial point is that Samsung has not unveiled its pricing. If it’s somewhere close to 750-800 $, then the macbook airwill get some serious competition. If you look at similar ultrabooks every other fails to inspire except Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 and ToshibaKirabook.


Lets get to the product which I really loved. Samsung introduced ATIV Q as a hybrid of tablet and laptop(which I preferably call laplet). The Ativ q has a large 13.3-inch display with an amazing resolution greater then apple’s retina display which is of 3200*1800. Inside it has a intel core i5 processor, along with Intel HD Graphics 4400, 4 Gb of ram and 128 gb of solid state drive storage. It’s a hybrid device, transforming from a Windows 8 slate into a full-fledged laptop in one quick motion. That’s not all, though — at the tap of an icon it’ll boot into Android Jelly Bean, letting you swipe around all of your favorite apps from the Google Play store It’s the same converting technique we saw on Sony’s Vaio Duo, but Samsung has taken it a step further. Rather than converting just between laptop and slate, the screen can lie flat, lifted above and parallel to the keyboard. Like gadgets shown in Mission Impossible, the Ativ q has a trick up it’s sleeve. It can run on both Android Jelly bean and windows 8. The user can switch between the operating systems without a reboot. You can use the Q as a full fledged laptop using the office and other windows 8 tools, and when you’re done switch-over to the Android OS to play wonderfull applications and have fun. Samsung just needs to price this thing well. If it prices it around 1200-1500 $ Samsung will win this battle.


Samsung Ativ Q
(Windows OS 8)

images (1)

Samsung Ativ Q( Android Jelly bean OS)

Another tablet revealed was ATIV tab 3. Samsung claims it to be the world’s thinnest Windows 8 tab(0.32 inches). It has a nice 10-inches display with a 1366*768 resolution. Inside it sports a Intel Atom processor with 2GB of ram and 64Gb of internal storage with option of micro SD expansion. Samsung claims that despite the thin body this tab can last to 8.5 hours, which I think could be a bit over estimated.

 Samsung Ativ Tab 3

Samsung Ativ Tab 3


This is indeed thin

Now for the all in one PC. Samsung you really need some new creative design team. Samsung introduced ATIV One 5 style. You shall see that it surely looks like a larger galaxy mobile with a stand. This all in one PC has a 21.5 inch touch screen with a common now a days 1080p resolution. Under the hood it has a usual AMD A6-quad core processor complimented by 4GB of ram. But I don’t think ATIV One 5 style is as close as the greatness of the Apple’s iMac released last year or the Dell XPS One 27.


Samsung ATIV One 5 Style(Resembles closely with other galaxy devices)

As for the small talk, Samsung talked about Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy S4 mini and Galaxy S4 active.


Galaxy S4 Zoom

s4 mini

Galaxy S4 mini compared with it’s older brother!


S4 Active for the actives…!!

By this event Samsung once again proved that it as very much aggressive and wants the best possible consumer share. And Samsung stole the show with the hybrid Ativ Q. Last week at WWDC 2013 Apple gave us a sneak peek of the next generation of Macbook pro which they will be announcing later this year. And by this product event I think it has a huge mountain to climb.


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  1. himani rawat says :

    itzzz soo nicee,,,, n inspirable…

  2. himanshu says :

    sounds like a pro one…

  3. Mayank says :

    Great going buddy… 🙂 nice write up …

  4. Shreyas Kothari says :

    Nice work . . it is interesting . . Keep up the good work . . 🙂

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    Commendable job Jinesh. Keep up the good work.

  6. Jayesh says :

    Great start! Nice post, informative and well written. Good job.

    Just in: Next product from Samsung – Samsung Galaxy S4 Vroom (hair drier)! 🙂

    Looking forward to your next post(s).

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